• Beach
    The beach promenade in the cultural district
    of Saadiyat Island represents living and
    entertainment within walking distance of
    several world class museums and luxury
    retail a mixture unrivalled in the world.
    Located just minutes’ drive from the capitals
    downtown, Saadiyat offers pristine beaches.
  • First
    Avenue Mall
    Motor City
    Featuring top brands and renowned marquees,
    First Avenue Mall is a rewarding destination for
    adults and children alike. In addition to 39 retail
    outlets, 15 restaurants and cafés, and 150 key
    hotel all distributed across the mall’s two floors.
  • Tower in
    A journey of elegant minimalism, punctuated by
    a bevelled exterior to create a highly desirable
    residential ambience. The façade consists of
    symmetrical cells carefully designed shapes
    and angles that offer optimum solar protection
    while rendering an enigmatic interplay of
    shadows and contrasts.
  • Green
    Phase 3
    All three phases coexist in idyllic harmony,
    sharing the public green areas and amenities but
    maintaining the appeal of distinct residential
    neighbourhoods, Shaded pedestrian pathways
    interconnect everything allowing residents to.
  • Jumeirah
    City Walk
    Encompasses 57 retail units, including a well
    known branded anchor supermarket, various
    restaurants and coffee shops, as well as a
    healthcare clinic, the project boasts extensive
    and attractive landscaping, water features and
    green spaces, resulting in an urban retail and
    lesiure destination for the jumeira community.
  • Basra
    The design approach was translated on the
    building façades in diagonal square shaped
    openings reminiscent of the "dots" in arabic
    calligraphy spreading on the main elevation
    gradually reduced in size as they get closer.
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