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Dewan’s new chief design officer Mohammed Adib plans for company’s expansion
04 March 2018 - 11:30 am, Published by Dewan Architects + Engineers
Following the success of his interior design consultancy, Intercon, which was recently awarded Best Large Scale Interior Design Specialists – Spain by the Build Design 2018 Awards and which has also just entered a strategic merger with leading architectural firm Dewan Architects + Engineers, Mohammed Adib has hit the ground running in his new role as Dewan’s chief design officer (CDO). Working to help further strengthen the firm’s successful brand, Adib will help Dewan enter new markets in South East Asia and Africa.

Born in Baghdad in 1968, and a graduate of the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, Adib established Intercon in Barcelona in 1993 and has had far reaching work in Europe, South America, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With Intercon successfully delivering the interior design work for Dewan’s projects across the region over the last 10 years, Adib has long worked closely with Dewan’s team of architects and engineers and delivered many schemes for hotels, schools and education projects. And with Intercon now strategically a part of Dewan’s expanding service offering and Adib its CDO, MEA asks what his plan moving forward is. “Further strengthening Dewan’s successful brand and expanding into new markets,” he said. “Our philosophies are very similar, and we have worked together for over 10 years on many projects, and that’s why it’s been easy to dive right in.”

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