DI Headquarter

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The new headquarters for one of Dubai's leading companies is located in one of its own major projects: the master development called Dubai Investment Park. The client's brief requested the building's design be visually distinct from other commercial buildings in the area.

The solution is a uniquely shaped profile that features a series of emphatic multi-layer glass façades. These create an effect where each component appears as a dominant and independent entity – yet everything integrates with understated harmony. The interiors inherit this sense of interplay to offer an exceptional ambience and working environment.

The building hosts six floors of Grade A offices, in addition to the ground floor and basement level. Refreshing landscaped areas and pleasing water features enhance the headquarters' appeal and charm.
  • Type: Commercial
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Client: Dubai Investments
  • Built-up area: 35,615 sqm