Prism Tower

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
With a pointed apex that seems to reach for the sky, the Prism Tower gracefully adorns the undulating skyline of Dubai's Business Bay district. Its stylish design appears at first sight as two distinct masses, which upon closer inspection seamlessly meld into one charismatic form.

Sheer glass façades impart a sophisticated and chic personality to the tower. They also welcome seemingly endless rays of natural light into all floors and interiors – courtesy of the angled perspectives that optimise exposure.

Prism Tower hosts 30 floors of luxurious offices, in addition to an inviting retail arena on the ground floor. Three basement levels and three podium levels are dedicated to parking. On the roof, a spacious terrace offers not only exhilarating views of Dubai, but also a range of exclusive amenities. These include a swimming pool, gymnasium and sauna – as well as tranquil and shaded seating areas for rest and relaxation.
  • Type: Commercial
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Client: Credo Investments
  • Built-up area: 36,377 sqm
  • Height: 36 floors