Dora Technical University

Baghdad, Iraq
Located in the Al Dora area in southwest Baghdad, the Dora Technical University explores new paradigms in education architecture. Envisioned as a single continuous element emerging from the ground, the dynamism of this iconic building is a dual reflection – of the energy of youth on the one hand, and of the progression of the learning process on the other.

Skilfully woven into the urban fabric, the architecture complements its surroundings rather than imposing its own perspective. The two main semi-public plazas – dedicated to students and their social activities – help to create a seamless interface between academia and society at large.

Taking inspiration from the wonders of ancient Mesopotamia – in particular the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the ziggurats – the building's roof is a seemingly endless tract of terraces and gardens. These serve as open areas for students to stroll and relax in, and also as novel venues for events and functions.
  • Type: Education
  • Location: Baghdad, Iraq
  • Client: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
  • Built-up area: 85,780 sqm