Repton Foundation School

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
The Repton Foundation School is located on Abu Dhabi's Reem Island and caters exclusively to young children – specifically students of kindergarten 1 and 2, and grade 1 only.

The school's two-storey building hosts spacious and sunlit classrooms – grade 1 students are assigned to the first and second floors, while the ground floor is dedicated to kindergarten students. The building's design incorporates several terraces on different levels, and these provide healthy outdoor spaces for the students to enjoy a variety of activities.

Given the school's young population, safety and security are vital considerations. Inside the site's perimeter, clearly designated indoor and outdoor circulation routes guide the students around the school. This includes a separation of pedestrian and vehicular pathways away from the open play areas. Access to the entire site is via a single entrance and exit – thus allowing comprehensive monitoring and control.
  • Type: Education
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Client: Sorouh
  • Built-up area: 6,867 sqm