Shatt Al Arab Hotel

Basra, Iraq
The project of Shatt Al Arab 5-star Hotel is located in a prime location in the city of Basrah, covering a plot area of 64100 sqm.. The proposed design aims to create a unique hospitality environment based on local traditional architectural flavor with contemporary interpretation. It is anticipated that it shall be a landmark project within Basra and will position itself as one of the primary hospitality/residential developments in the area. The total built-up area of the project is 45,000 m², and it Consists of the following : 5-star hotel, ballrooms, various themed restaurants, guestrooms, suites and guest amenities & leisure , G+1 Villas, G+2 shopping mall.
  • Size: 45,000 m²
  • Client: Republic of Iraq Ministry of Youth & Sport
  • Scope: Design + Supervision