Kadhimiya Development

Baghdad, Iraq
The half-kilometre radius encircling the Holy Shrines in Kadhimiya is endowed with a rich historical, cultural, spiritual and social legacy. Over the course of centuries, the area's time-honoured markets, traditional architecture, artistic activities and religious rituals have all become an integral part of Kadhimiya's distinctive appeal.

Presented by Dewan Architects & Engineers, the Integrated Conservation and Urban Renewal/Rejuvenation Development Scheme envisions the Holy Shrines as the innermost core of the city. This core is then enveloped and protected by a variety of urban layers that mediate between the interior and the exterior world – and together form a coherent whole.

The inner urban layers include important elements of the city's historical wealth – these are upgraded and renovated on a plot-by-plot basis, with the aim of preserving Baghdad's intrinsic character. Next, the peripheral layers introduce contemporary residential structures that cater to the needs of a prosperous society – including roads, public facilities and commercial zones.

This well thought-out mix of the ancient with the modern is enhanced by skilled landscaping and infrastructure development. The result is a refreshing social and economic uplift for Kadhimiya – turning it into a picturesque example of a living and evolving historical city.
  • Type: Urban Planning
  • Location: Baghdad, Iraq
  • Client: Baghdad Municipality
  • Built-up area: 800,000 sqm