Madinat Al Nakheel

Basra, Iraq
An ambitious and visionary project, Madinat Al Nakheel seeks to epitomise a city ideal– not only for Iraq, but also for the rest of the Middle East. Located in Basra, the masterplan development creates a dynamic and world-class destination for residents, businesses and tourism.

Madinat Al Nakheel is a modern and sustainable city – harmoniously combining residential, commercial, cultural, social, industrial and environmental elements under one holistic vision. Its carefully conceived residential component – offering about 100,000 units – is fully integrated with the city's vast infrastructure. This includes healthcare, public services, social facilities and educational institutions.

The city also hosts a vibrant commercial hub, with its own financial centre that serves a thriving business community. For tourists and visitors, the city extends a warm welcome with luxury resorts, cultural exhibits and venues, and a variety of recreational activities.
  • Type: Urban Planning
  • Location: Basra, Iraq
  • Client: Private
  • Built-up area: 42.6 million sqm