Masfout Mountain Resort

Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Heralding the UAE's entry into the luxury eco-tourism sector, the incomparable Masfout Mountain Resort is nestled in the foothills of Ajman amidst unspoilt desert splendour. The area's natural rocky terrain is the inspiration for the resort's organic architecture – elegantly combining traditional local design with modern technology and techniques.

Major parts of the resort are built of stone and roofed with palm tree leaves. These, and other materials used, have very low thermal conductivity – ideally suited to the hot climate – and are culturally relevant as well as environmentally sustainable.

The resort features an exclusive hotel, world-class spa and restaurant with stunning desert views – all embodying impeccable standards, luxurious amenities and innovative eco solutions.

Elegant residential units grace the welcoming terraces, while public amenities and facilities are thoughtfully dotted throughout the geologically-inspired development – creating a one-of-a-kind ambience in a beautiful natural setting.

Since most of the resort is designated as a car-free zone, access to the mountain top from the valley below is via cable-based vertical transportation system. The resort's entrance features a hospitable arrival hub, offering terraced parking and a family entertainment centre for daily visitors.
  • Type: Urban Planning
  • Location: Ajman, UAE
  • Client: Dubai Investments
  • Built-up area: 986,528 sqm