Al Sudair Commercial Development

Sudair Industrial City, Saudi Arabia
Sudair Commercial Spine Development serves as a main catalyst for an industrial city being developed by MODON. Located at around 120 km from Riyadh en route to Qassim, this 42-hectare development draws attraction through its features, unique from any other highway oriented developments. Basic facilities such as fuel/service stations and truck stops are supported with a cohesive mix of commercial facilities such as retail, temporary accommodation, outlet mall and offices as well community facilities that makes the development even more sustainable and viable.

The commercial spine generally draws an inspiration from an outdoor “souq” or traditional Arabian marketplace with a dynamic pedestrian and landscaped spaces accentuating the contemporary architectural designs of the buildings. The project is unique for its scale and strategic cross-sector thinking. The spine offers a pioneering new solution, drawing on landscape traditions by providing responsive and flexible land uses, dynamic and pedestrian urban spaces, and eminence and attractive open spaces that are inspired by local architecture, and in compliance with sustainability principles and MODON’s design standards. By combining compact, dense and vibrant environment with open, green breathing space, nature is balanced with urbanity to create a beautiful and safe public realm.
  • Type: Urban Planning
  • Location: Sudair Industrial City, KSA
  • Client: MODON
  • Built-up area: 54,838 sqm