Yas Hills

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Project’s site sets at the corner of linking two pre-existed edges (the E10 highway and the water canal), which played significant roles on realizing planning reactions and responses to these dominant site forces, resulting into a materialized site specific dynamics. It takes its manifestation from these urban edges and spreading over the enormous inner land, activities and spaces.

The masterplan idea was established based on multi-layering thoughts emerged from the existing contextual site forces and development potentials. The first layer of thinking is to create a green axis linking residential areas from the north (Al Bahia area) with the south (Al Raha Beach Development), resulting into the division of the project into two zones which are the commercial-visitors mixed use development at the highway edge, and the family-residential oriented community at the waterfront side.

Another layer of thinking is to link the two zones together through an open space axis between the busy Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway and the calm canal edge, resulting further layer of splitting into two zones: a northern zone of healthcare and residential nature; and a southern zone of mixed development and residential nature.
  • Type: Urban Planning
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Client: Private
  • Built-up area: 2.32 million sqm