Basra Governorate Building

Basra, Iraq
The new headquarters of the Basra Governorate are more than a structural edifice – they are a vibrant statement of intent. The project aims to create a monumental landmark that not only represents the city's ambitions, but one that also tangibly contributes to the lives of its citizens by providing a variety of services and facilities.

Winning first prize in the internationally-contested competition, Dewan Architects & Engineers' design for the new headquarters is inspired by the palm frond – a time-honoured and revered symbol of Basra. The building's architecture and engineering is strongly and visibly influenced by the palm frond's organic structure.

The gently flowing design also takes into consideration the contextual location of the site and the environmental conditions prevalent in the area – the objective being to maximise natural ventilation and lighting, and providing an abundance of shaded areas for visitors.
  • Type: Public
  • Location: Basra, Iraq
  • Client: Basra Governorate
  • Built-up area: 51,328 Sqm