Corniche Tower

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Rising gracefully from a prime plot near Abu Dhabi’s scenic corniche, Corniche presents an unusual and unique symbolism of urban individuality. The building is seemingly divided into three blocks that offset one another resulting in overhangs and indents. Various elevations and vertical elements are brought into play, but nothing appears to be equal in neither width nor height giving the building’s façade a suave character and distinct identity.

The overhangs and projections also serve a functional purpose – creating areas of shade and shadows that contribute to the building’s sustainability by reducing heat gain. The tower hosts 158 luxurious apartments across 25 residential floors, while the rooftop presents a swimming pool and gymnasium. There is also one floor reserved for offices, in addition to three basement and five podium levels for car parking.
  • Type: Residential
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Client: Private
  • Built-up area: 53,225 sqm
  • Height: 25 floors