Tower in Saraya

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
With its iconic and unmistakable façade, engages the imagination from afar. Part of Abu Dhabi’s premium Saraya masterplan, the tower is located in one of the city’s finest areas offering invigorating sea views and fresh breezes. The architecture is inherently a journey of elegant minimalism, punctuated by a bevelled exterior to create a highly desirable residential ambience. The façade consists of symmetrical cells – carefully designed shapes and angles that offer optimum solar protection while rendering an enigmatic interplay of shadows and contrasts.

The tower’s height is limited to approximately 163 metres in accordance with other buildings in the vicinity. Residents can choose from 142 contemporary apartment units; ranging from two bedrooms to five bedrooms in size. There are three basement and six podium levels in addition to the 43 residential floors, with ample car parking. The uppermost podium level hosts various amenities such as the swimming pool and offers exceptional views across the beach.
  • Type: Residential
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Client: Private
  • Built-up area: 47,793 sqm
  • Height: 163 m, 43 floors