Downtown Retail

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
At the foot of the world's tallest building and adjacent to one of the world's largest malls, the Downtown Retail Promenade is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. This vast yet chic esplanade overlooks the Dubai Fountain and takes its design inspiration from the sense of openness and freedom that this celebrated body of water conveys.

Intended to be a transformative environment, the Downtown Retail Promenade invites visitors to experience a unique landscape. Its design weaves into the ground creating a series of courtyards and topographic undulations – before sweeping gracefully up into the air to establish a bold urban landmark.

This symphony of form creates a myriad of spaces and moods – ranging from laid-back relaxation in the courtyard, to the stylish flair of the main piazza. A series of carefully planned internal voids and terraced spaces add to the choice of ambiences, and at the same time enhance internal connectivity and circulation.

Adorning the promenade is an eclectic selection of retail outlets, restaurants and cafés – offering Dubai Mall visitors an appealing vista for relaxation and dining. A green area over the retail level creates a welcoming outdoor arena where people can stroll, sit and enjoy memorable interludes. And on the roof there awaits a stylish café – offering signature beverages and exceptional views of the Dubai Fountain.
  • Type: Retail
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Client: Emaar Properties