Dewan’s global expansion story unveiled: A journey of innovation, sustainability, and client-centric excellence


In the dynamic fields of construction and architecture, technology has been accelerating at a faster pace, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing a pivotal role. Today, AI is no longer relegated to the sidelines; it drives innovation and efficiency to the forefront of our practices.

Dewan Architects + Engineers announces its acquisition of a majority stake in Design Lab, a renowned Singapore-based hospitality design firm. This strategic move marks Dewan’s 40th anniversary and its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client-centric excellence.

Founded in 2016 in Singapore and Vietnam by three partners with a shared passion for hospitality, design, and travel, Design Lab (DL) has distinguished itself with projects that demonstrate a sensitivity to place, culture, and people across the Far East, Middle East, Europe, and South America.

This acquisition will significantly enhance Dewan’s resort design expertise, strengthening its leadership in the Middle East’s hospitality sector. The partnership will leverage DL’s extensive experience in sea, mountain, and desert resort projects, which are fundamental in driving the flourishing hospitality sector in the region.

“Initiating this venture of global expansion alongside Design Lab transcends mere business objectives; it’s about forging meaningful partnerships and embracing diverse perspectives. Our acquisition of Design Lab exemplifies this ethos, reinforcing our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client-centric excellence on a global scale,” said Ammar Alassam, Chief Executive Officer at Dewan Architects + Engineers.

The partnership will see DL benefit from Dewan’s extensive client network and experience in delivering large-scale, multi-disciplinary global projects. Dewan will leverage DL’s regional prominence in the Far East to further enhance its Southeast Asia footprint. The integration will also include establishing a DL office within all Dewan offices, facilitating closer cooperation and integration of systems and resources.

“In our view, partnership signifies a shared conviction in our mutual strength, recognizing that together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. In joining forces, we’ve discovered an unparalleled ally to accompany us on this journey. This partnership is poised to yield remarkable projects and experiences, that will help us grow as a company and as a group. Since founding our company we’ve yet to encounter a company with whom we are more aligned in terms of vision, goals, and values,” said Alvaro Peredes, Principal at DesignLab

Dewan Architects + Engineers aims to continue developing its strategy of becoming a leading multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary design consultancy firm regionally and expanding globally. Additionally, the company proudly marks its 40th anniversary this year, celebrating four decades of excellence and innovation in the architecture and engineering industry.

Rooted in a legacy initiated by Mohammed Alassam, who started Dewan Architects + Engineers and is now serving as Chairman, the firm is dedicated to leveraging its experience, financial acumen, and ambitious vision to successfully navigate its next growth phase. A five-year strategic plan has been set in motion to double revenues, increase margins by 30 percent, and explore untapped markets in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Dewan has recently diversified its portfolio by acquiring Design Lab, a Singapore-based hospitality design firm. This move underscores a substantial expansion into new territories and reinforces Dewan’s global presence.

“Embarking on this journey of global expansion with Design Lab isn’t just about business; it’s about weaving narratives of creativity and inspiration across continents. As Chief Design Officer, I see this partnership as a canvas upon which we paint our shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client-centric excellence. Together, we’re not only crafting spaces; we’re crafting experiences that transcend boundaries and leave a lasting impression on the world,” said Mohammed Adib, Chief Design Officer at Dewan Architects + Engineers.


Highlight key markets or regions the firm has targeted for growth. Dewan’s primary objective is global expansion, specifically focusing on growing its business in new regions and sectors. The UAE and Saudi Arabia remain key markets, with recent office expansions in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.

Internationally, Dewan prioritizes Southeast Asian growth, with a presence established in Vietnam and plans for further expansion into Cambodia and Thailand. Additionally, the company is making strides in Africa, particularly in Egypt, where it operates as a hybrid combining international expertise with local presence. Dewan is exploring collaborations with local firms to broaden its service offerings.

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