Finalists announced for the Dewan Award for Architecture 2023


Tamayouz Excellence Award is proud to announce the shortlist of finalists for the Dewan Award for Architecture 2023.

The shortlist comprises the top 20 submissions received for the sixth edition of the Dewan Award for Architecture. The finalists were selected from 137 submissions received from 33 countries by Dewan Architects + Engineers. The competition invited participants to submit proposals to transform Dakeer Island, a dilapidated settlement in Basra, Iraq, into a vibrant waterfront development known as 'The New Basra Waterfront.'

Commended projects are those that responded to the site’s conditions and offer solutions that are mindful of the existing context and the local community's needs. The shortlisting committee further appreciated submissions that balance economic growth with social responsibility and enhance public spaces.

The shortlist of finalists for the Dewan Award for Architecture 2023 are:

*All finalists arranged in countries’ alphabetical order

  • Taorem Rahul Singha - Bangladesh.

  • HIT-1 (Zhai Chenrui, Fan Juanwen, Liu Hongxing, and Wang Yueran) – China.

  • IAPA PTY. LTD – China.

  • ADD Architects (Sherif Farag, Abdelrahman Magdy, Ayad Gamal, Suzan El Smahy, Enjy El Meligy, Farah Ahmed, Moaz Abdelnasser, and Malak Sameh) – Egypt.

  • Alaa Kamalel-Din Abdou Mohamed Soliman, Seifallah Waleed Mohamed, Abdelaziz Fathy Ahmed, George Wageh Bashry, Mostafa Ahmed Abdelaziz, Shimaa Mansour Hamed, and Nessma Waleed Mostafa – Egypt.

  • ALEF (Mona Mohamed Eisa, Eman Mohamed Eid, Mena Wagih Momtaz, Khaled Mohamed El-Hosary, Mohamed Abd-El-Nasser, Abdulrahiman Ibrahim) – Egypt.

  • Arab American Consultants (AAC) (Youssry Moustafa Mohamed Enany, Ali Moustafa Enany, Karim Ali Moustafa Enany, Omar Samir Sultan, Ziad Ahmed Elmahdy, Hana Habib) – Egypt.

  • De Lova (Tarek Mohamed Mohamed El-Sayed Hassan, Tarek Mohamed Mohamed El-Sayed Hassan, Ehab Abdelmordy Marwan Awaly, Buthaina Mohamed AbdelAziz AbdelGhani Sulaiman, Mohamed Marzouq Mohamed Metwally, Soha Hanafy Saeed Marzouk Mohamed Ramadan, and Faten Alaa Mahmoud Hosny Abdullatif) – Egypt.

  • Nihal Ibrahem, Abualhassan Muhammed, Islam Ahmed, Sohaila Jawad, Omar Dawoud, Hisham Abdel-Elhalim, Merna Mohammed, and Mohammed Hisham – Egypt.

  • REC Team (Husam Riyad Husain, Maha Aziz, Youssef Bassem, and Pardis Helmy) – Egypt.

  • ZAHRAA (Abdallah Ahmed Nabil, Eslam Mohamed Mahmoud El-Wakil, Eslam Mohamed Shahen, and Anas Gaballah) – Egypt.

  • Ali Majid Mohmmed and Raed Rabee Nashat – Iraq.

  • Al-Shamil Studio (Ameer Akram, Shamil Ammar Shamil, Ali Zeyad, and Anosherwan Qahraman) – Iraq.

  • E-Eleven (Maad Ezzalden, Ibrahem Wahed, Omar Mohammed, Maad Ezzalden, Mohammed Kadhim Qassim Lafta and Hussein Jawad Mohammed Ali) – Iraq.

  • Yousif Hani Abood and Mustafa Anmar Yasir – Iraq.

  • 3C's (Odeh Saleh Al Jarrah, Mostafa Ali Ababneh, and Mohammad Ahmad Rababa) – Jordan.

  • Maram Hamdi Al-Khamayseh, Mohamad Ahmad Ghosn, Mohammad Abdulrhman" Husain Jawad, Ammar Farid Al-Labban, Abdullah Yassin Al-Mahmoud, Salah Aldin Abdul Rahim Al-Saleh, and Said Hatem Ali Asideh – Jordan.

  • Tha'er Qub'a Architects – Jordan.

  • Abbo studio (Ali Makki Jawad Abu-Alshaeer, and Elaf Jasim Abbood Al-Kinani) – Sweden.

  • Siddhartha Mondal and Harshita Khare – United Arab Emirates.

The Dewan Award for Architecture is named after Dewan Architects + Engineers, a global multidisciplinary design consultancy firm founded in 1984. The Award is an international prize that recognises design proposals that seek to solve societal issues in Iraq. For its inaugural theme in 2018, the award sought proposals for a school in Iraq’s marshlands; in 2019, the theme was the regeneration of Baghdad’s Al Umma Park; in 2020, the theme was Almedina Plaza and Youth Complex; in 2021 the competition’s challenge was to design a Sanctuary for homeless girls in Iraq; and in 2022 the award sought proposals for a Rehabilitation Centre for Terrorism Victims in Iraq.

The overall winner of the 2023 Dewan Award for Architecture will be announced on November 30.

Tamayouz Excellence Award is sponsored by Coventry University, the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, Kufa – Makiya Charity, Dewan Architects + Engineers, Bonair Ltd, the United Nations Global Compact – Iraq Network, Round City and the Oman Society of Engineers.