In Review: Louis Poulsen’s LP Grand series


"The sun on a day, where it glows through misty air, softening the light” is how Danish designer Christian Flindt describes the LP Grand series of pendants he designed. Elegant and clean, the smooth curves of the LP Grand lustre when the light comes on. Their simple look and impressive textures leave a mark when one takes the time to appreciate them.

Glare-free, softly diffused and perfectly curved, the LP Grand series exemplifies Louis Poulsen’s DNA of Design to Shape Light. “When I first saw the product in the catalogue, I felt like I had seen it before because of how simple it is. On seeing the product in reality – hearing the concept behind it along with its story and the layers it has, I feel like it’s a timeless piece that could be used anywhere,” said Mira Kanj, Assistant Project Manager at Dewan Architects.

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